BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper was Featured in Family Fun Magazine

We’re so proud to be featured in Family Fun Magazine this month (Sept 2015)! Family Fun Magazine says “Why it gets an A”: “Started by a nine-year-old and his dad in the 1990s, his portal has links to websites in a library of topics (mythology, botany, Java programming), as well as home-school resources.”

You Tell Us! “What’s the optimum amount of homework for teens?”

According to this article teens should only have about 1 hour or homework per day.   I remember as a middle-school-er getting so much homework I could barely care the books home on the bus and spending what felt like my entire evening just doing homework.   I can definitely appreciate teachers’ wanting to supplement and reinforce learning at school, but how do we strike the

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Photo Credit: AlbertHerring

“10 vacations to take before your kids turn 10”

With schools ending in a couple short months, now is a great time to start planning for the time your kids will be out of school.   I have to admit, when I see headlines like “10 vacations to take before your kids turn 10” from USA Today I’m skeptical.  Usually these types of articles are filled with advice that next to no one

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New Site Added to Space Science

Just added the site “If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel..” our Space Sciences page:  Check it out!

Should schools have tablets for each student or should they share?

Interesting study showing that kids who share devices score better on testing than those who each have one or those without.

“The math homework wars”

I’m not really having this issue yet (my daughter is in Kindergarten) but I’ve heard other parents’ concerns with how math is being taught in school.   This article seems to shine a light on the frustrations if you aren’t hip to how math is being taught now-a-days.  I find it interesting and see both sides of it.  As someone who struggled with mathematics in

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How to Help your Kids in the Classroom

We really liked this article from The Athens News: “Even parents who might not be able to help kids with their calculus homework are already helping by simply creating an environment in which kids know they are expected to do their homework every day and that mom and dad will be there to make sure they do.” Full article at:

5 Unexpected Lessons from Joining My Kid’s PTO

When my daughter started Kindergarten this year, my mother-in-law encouraged me to join the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). I balked thinking it would be all politics and little fun…but she strongly disagreed.  “It’s fun!” she exclaimed. “Especially the classroom parties!”   At any rate, I decided to take her advice and I’m glad I did.  I signed up to be a “Homeroom Parent” (i.e. Party

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Fitness Trail and Exercise Station

Low Cost and Free Family Fitness Ideas, Tools & Apps

Bruce Sr. “Dad”,  BJ and I have almost always had some sort of physical activity in our lives spanning all kinds of interests such as tennis, soccer, hockey, running, rollerblading, aerobics, and more.   It’s just been something that we’ve consistently enjoyed in our lives so I thought we’d share some of our favorite new low cost and free fitness activities.     Note that most

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Computer Programming Resources for Kids

I (Megan BJ’s sister) run an Adobe User Group where each month we get together to talk about various technologies as they relate to design, photography and/or programming.   Last month we had a great presenter, Tamara Eyster, who talked about creating educational games for children.   While her presentation was largely geared towards adult educators, we learned that there’s quite a few good

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