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Low Cost and Free Family Fitness Ideas, Tools & Apps

Bruce Sr. “Dad”,  BJ and I have almost always had some sort of physical activity in our lives spanning all kinds of interests such as tennis, soccer, hockey, running, rollerblading, aerobics, and more.   It’s just been something that we’ve consistently enjoyed in our lives so I thought we’d share some of our favorite new low cost and free fitness activities.     Note that most

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iPad App Review: Mickey Mouse Road Rally

My family is big on technology.  What can I say, it started young when my Dad taught me how to get online using BBS on his Kaypro Computer back in the day. I’m really dating myself, aren’t I?  That means, of course, that my 4-year-old daughter has been indoctrinated in the joy of technology at a young age, too.  Since she’s so young, she’s really

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