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Low Cost and Free Family Fitness Ideas, Tools & Apps

Bruce Sr. “Dad”,  BJ and I have almost always had some sort of physical activity in our lives spanning all kinds of interests such as tennis, soccer, hockey, running, rollerblading, aerobics, and more.   It’s just been something that we’ve consistently enjoyed in our lives so I thought we’d share some of our favorite new low cost and free fitness activities.     Note that most

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Site Review: WebMath

When BJ was younger, WebMath was one of his favorite math homework sites. WebMath will help students solve math problems in General Math, K-8 Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and more. If you select the type of mathematical problem that you want to solve, and type in the numbers or equation that you are trying to solve, it will give you the answer immediately.

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Site Review: Math Worksheets Land

Math Worksheets Land We were fortunate enough to receive an e-mail recently from Julia Leonard, a retired math teacher. Julia is the creator of Math Worksheets Land, Math Worksheets for All Ages. We are very picky about the links that   we place on our site but this site was an easy decision. Math Worksheets Land contains more than 4,000 quality math worksheets in

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