HH Update: New Links – Music!

HH Update: New Links – Music

We’ve been busy adding some new links and sections to the site as fast and as efficiently as we can find them and screen them. One subject that I personally was not very familiar with and upon the relaunch realized was heavily lacking in the homework helper was artistic education links, especially music related subjects. Since I now work full time at a symphony, it almost felt like a crime not to have the best musical resources for students.

Here are just a few that I have discovered so far and added to the Homework Helper collection. If you have any great educational music websites or apps please leave them in the comments and we’ll check them out!

imslpPetrucci Music Library –A powerful musical Wiki page with over 65,978 works · 233,730 scores · 23,247 recordings · 7,723 composers · 215 performers and GROWING! Petrruci Music Library is all Public Domain content meaning you can access it for free. It’s got a nice organizational flow to it and definitely should be bookmarked if you’re a musician.


Teoría – A comprehensive music theory website that you should absolutely refer to if you are studying music. Everything from tutorials on triads to a complete reference section with a breakdown of all the musical terms you could imagine. Thanks, Jessica!


Soundslice – ”Soundslice lets you sync tabs with video so you can see (and hear!) them in real time. Gone are the days of ASCII art approximations.” This website is absolutely a powerhouse that you MUST see if you want to play guitar or other chorded instruments. It’s sort of like Guitar Hero but for real instruments and youtube videos. Thanks, Dave!


Justin Guitar – Over 500 free guitar lessons from beginner to advanced techniques. I found myself browsing endlessly. My Dad always loves these guitar sites. I’ve just picked up my great grandfather’s old Banjolele from my dad and I’ve been using Justin Guitar for some tricks


Andrew Furmanczyk’s Academy of Music – Andrew has put together a beautiful lesson plan to learn the Piano and Music theory. I’m using his site now to help with my job at the symphony. If you’re even thinking about trying out the Piano you should stop at Andrew’s site. He was able to teach so effectively I was able to pick up some quick basics in about 10 minutes. I’ll definitely be visiting his site more to pick up more Piano lessons.

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2 Responses to “HH Update: New Links – Music!”

  1. I love music helper sites like these. Thank you for compiling them in one place.

    • Hey Callie,

      Thanks you for your comment! We try our best to compile only the best resources. Have any others you’d like to see added to the list?

      -BJ 🙂