Kitchen Table Artwork

Kids Artwork - Crayons

I haven’t seen my entire kitchen table in weeks, maybe months. Oh, I’m sure it’s there somewhere buried under the kid crafting supplies and finished artwork. The thing is, the chaos of the kitchen table as the arts & crafts area seems like a fair trade off.  At least until dinner time when I’m frantically trying to keep the food from burning while clearing off a stack of still-wet paintings.

Even still, I love seeing what my daughter is thinking about through her artwork and the stories she creates through art. It’s enlightening to watch her problem solve and use items in ways in they weren’t intended to make new things. All of these reasons, aside from just being plain fun, translate so much into the “real world” too. That’s why when anyone asks for gift ideas for my kiddo, I almost always suggest arts & craft supplies. BJ Pinchbeck or “Uncle Beege” as he’s known to my daughter, gifted her a bunch of art supplies this Christmas and they have gotten a ton of use.

In future blog posts I’ll review some of the art supplies that we use and some of our lessons, failures & successes.

Teachers & Parents:  How do you nourish your kids creativity? And how do you keep that balanced with keeping work spaces tidy? Please share your tips in the comments section below.


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