Homeschooling 101

Homeschooling 101

Homework Guide for Parents from the US Dept of Education
An excellent resource for parents encouraging children to do their homework

Homework Guide From Scholastic
Excellent links to articles on how to improve your child’s homework skills

A to Z Teacher Stuff
A very rich classroom resource for teachers (and homeschooling parents)

Free PowerPoint Presentations
A collection of PowerPoint presentations that include all school subject matter.

Child Development From Scholastic
Many links on child development for children of all ages

Family Education (School and Learning)
This site has a wealth of information on articles pertinent to parents and their children
This site will teach your young child the alphabet and how to read

TED, of the powerhouse online lecture series, has created TED-Ed for young students, parents and teachers to learn from the best around the world. You can take a video and design use their lesson plans or modify and completely change as you see fit for your lesson plan.