Single Serving Subject: Climate Change

97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and it is human influenced, yet 72% of media outlets are reporting on it in a skeptical manner. They are acting as if there are two side to the story and trying to play up a “everyone has a say” argument. This simply isn’t true when it comes to the science of climate change.

I got an email from Allison over at LearnStuff in regards to their gorgeous infographic about Climate Change and I just had to share it. We need to be teaching future generations how to interpret scientific evidence and learn to be very cautious about what the media is reporting. These are very real problems that they will be forced to solve and by ignoring it now, we aren’t helping them.

After the infographic I have included some educational resources to help learn and teach about climate change. Without further introduction. Here’s the beautifully designed infograph from LearnStuff:  (Removed – Sadly, this site no longer exists.)

Additional Resources: – Climate Change

A plethora of free federal resources for teachers, students, and parents in regards to climate change. Highlights include the NASA Climate Movies and Koshland Museum’s website.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

A great page put together to help teach climate change to students and the impacts of it, including lesson plans and multimedia presentations.

I have to also recommend, you MUST watch Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray]

It really will gorgeously illustrate how connected we all our to our planet. Here’s a link to it on Amazon if you can’t find it at your local library.

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2 Responses to “Single Serving Subject: Climate Change”

  1. Good to see that you’re into the climate change in 2050.

    • Thanks for the comment Laura!

      I really love learning and sharing information on Climate Change. I see it every day now that I live in Miami Beach. When I go scuba diving in the coral reefs I can see the immediate effects we’re having on our eco system such as coral bleaching and fish populations dwindling. It’s really upsetting. I think we need to act now to not only save ourselves, but if we DONT act now future generations will really be the ones to suffer. I want to see a beautiful future for myself obviously, but I really want generations after us to have it even BETTER 🙂

      Do you have any other great resources you could share? I’m trying to expand upon our link in the website itself.