Site Review: BBC Languages – Spanish

BBC Languages – Spanish

I really enjoyed studying Spanish in high school and majored in the language during my first two years of college. Many years have gone by, and unfortunately many of my language skills have faded. My wife and I have decided to vacation in Miami soon which has a prominent Spanish speaking population. I decided that this would be a good time to relearn the language — Enter, BBC Languages (Spanish).

BBC Spanish
We have several nice Spanish links listed in our “Spanish” section, but BBC Languages is probably one of the most entertaining and educational websites I have seen in a long time. I have only used the site for about two weeks now, but my Spanish skills have improved significantly. There are many nice features on this site including the Spanish alphabet, primary school lessons, and Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

My favorite part of this site is Mi Vida Loca (translated as “My Crazy Life”) which is an amazing interactive drama video series with 22 episodes designed for beginners. You are not just watching the episode, but you become a participant, and in the process you will definitely sharpen your Spanish language skills. This is the kind of site that I could picture being used by foreign language teachers in their classrooms. If you have any desire at all to learn Spanish, I would strongly suggest using BBC Languages.

Tell us what you think about BBC Languages in the comments section below and if you have an excellent site that you would like us to link to, please let us know.

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