Site Review: Teachers Pay

Let’s start off with the basics…Teachers work their butts off to get great resources together for class. They create games, worksheets, and lesson plans with almost no financial support outside of a micro budget. In most fields when you create a unique product, you can sell it and get a small financial gain. For example, if I create a photoshop action that enhances photos, I can sell that for other photographers to use…so why not teachers?



Teachers Pay is an online marketplace for teachers to buy and sell and share (free) resources.  It’s absolutely incredible and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it sooner. With almost 98,000 free resources on top of over 500,000 paid resources, you must check this out.


The site is broken up and organized fairly logically and kind of reminds me of the effectiveness of You shouldn’t have any problems finding the topics and grade appropriate material for your classroom. I highly suggest you check out the site for resources you might want to use…but then why not try to upload some of your original worksheets and lessons.

Who knows, you might make a few bucks on those resources you worked so hard to create! Swing on over the!

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