Music Resources

Music Resources

Eric’s Treasure Trove of Music
What can we say?…Eric’s site is tremendous
Dad uses this to find any kind of guitar chord

Ultimate Guitar
Pick a song, any song – The guitar and bass tabs will be there.

Website and mobile apps to discover and explore music.  Want to know what that song playing on your radio is?  Just use the Shazam app to “listen” to the music and it will let you know.  Amazing!

Petrucci Music Library

A powerful musical Wiki page with over 65,978 works · 233,730 scores · 23,247 recordings · 7,723 composers · 215 performers and GROWING! Wow! A must see.

A comprehensive music theory website that you should absolutely refer to if you are studying music. Everything from tutorials on triads to a complete reference section with a breakdown of all the musical terms you could imagine. Thanks, Jessica!

“Soundslice lets you sync tabs with video so you can see (and hear!) them in real time. Gone are the days of ASCII art approximations.” This website is absolutely a powerhouse that you MUST see if you want to play guitar or other chorded instruments. Thanks, Dave!

Justin Guitar
Over 500 free guitar lessons from beginner to advanced techniques. I found myself browsing endlessly.

Andrew Furmanczyk’s Academy of Music
Andrew has put together a beautiful lesson plan to learn the Piano and Music theory. I’m using his site now to help with my job at the symphony 🙂