Comp Sci & Programming


Stack Overflow
Having a programming problem?  This community supported website has the answers. It’s Megan’s go-to site for programming issues & learning.
We rarely tend to recommend paid websites but is the exception.  They have the absolute best quality online video tech training out there and it’s well worth the price.  They do have a few free short tutorials available.

Adobe TV
Tons of great video tutorials on Adobe products like Photoshop straight from the Adobe Evangelists & Experts.

W3 Schools Tutorials
Wonderful tutorials and examples on scripts and programming

The official documentation and learning resources for Ruby

The official documentation and learning resources for PHP

C and C++

Learn to Program for Windows in C++
Full tutorial and reference for C++


Xcode Developer Tools from Apple
Everything you need to get started programming for OS and iOS (Apple)


Introduction to Programming Using Java
Informative information on Java…more for college level students

Java Tutorials and Short Courses
A very good Java site from


The Perl Programming Language
An excellent Perl programming site offered by the Perl open source community — The Source for Perl
A terrific resource guide for the language of Perl

Tech News

Focuses on breaking tech news and startups.

CNN Technology
Breaking tech news – very timely information on tech people, companies and gadgets.

Everything gadgets, consumer electronics and the technology they’re built upon.

Another great gadget guide but it tends to focus more on teaching readers how to make the most of their gadgets with handy tutorials and “how-tos”

In-depth coverage of current and upcoming trends in technology and science.

Computer Repair
Need a driver for your computer?…this is the best way to find one

Tom’s Hardware Guide
If you are having problems with your computer, then you’ll have to try this site

Build Your Own PC
Excellent guide from Tom’s Hardware Guide

Hardware Central
Everything you need to know about computer hardware, including building your own PC

PC Mechanic
PC Hardware, software and troubleshooting…Excellent!

cNet Computers
Having problems with your Mac?…try this site

Apple Service and Support Center
Excellent place for Apple users to support for their hardware
An award winning site that provides free computer support
For those computer nerds who need free dll files

General Computing & History

PC Magazine Online
Tons and tons of great computer software and computer tips

History of Computers
An interesting history of computers…great for computer class