General English

Sight Words
Well designed website for all things sight words. Includes sight word lists, sight word games and sight word flash cards.

My Virtual Desk Reference – Books and Literature on the Net
Great Site by Bob Drudge

Cliff Notes
Everyone knows about Cliff Note study guides…right?

Spark Notes
An on-line study guide like Cliff Notes

Literary analysis of popular novels…really good

Online Literary Criticism Collection
Critical reviews of many literary works

Glossary of Literary Terms
All kinds of literary terms are defined here

Debate Central
Everything you ever wanted to know about debating — Make sure you check out their youtube channel as well.

Books On-line

Shakespeare On-line
A really cool Shakespeare resource

Shakespeare Bookshelf
Another one of Bill’s sites…all of his works

Shakespeare Resource Center
Nicely done

Absolute Shakespeare
Very comprehensive Shakespeare site

The On-line Books Page
Over 1 Million Books online for free! WOW! When we first listed this site they only had 1,500. You could say they’ve grown a bit 🙂

The Great Books Homepage
Shame on you if you don’t try this one (Malaspina University)

The Internet Public Library
Yup, even more books on-line

Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet

The English Server
Terrific site to find books

Classics on Line
Works by Homer, Aristotle, Plato and others

Children’s Literature

Great resource for helping children learn the alphabet and learn to read


Jack Lynch’s Grammar and Style Notes
Problems with grammar? Check it out

Purdue On-line Writing Lab
Need to know what punctuation to use where? Great site!

Elements of Style by William Strunk
Great grammar site

Darling’s Guide to Grammar and Good Writing
Excellent grammar site

On-line English Grammar

Big Dog’s Grammar
On line Grammar from a dog?

Create a bibliography and citation on-line

Index for Guide to Grammar and Writing and Principles of Composition
I’m really not into English grammar, but this site is definitely cool

Citation Builder
Another good citation builder from North Carolina State University

Principles of Composition
How to be an expert writer

A Basic Guide to Writing an Essay
Good information on essay writing


Theoi Greek Mythology
A comprehensive website on Greek Mythology by the Theoi Project


Columbia University Bartleby Library
Many poems and quotations from famous authors; “You might prefer to check this site out.” 😉

The Poetry Archives
Find poems written by all kinds of poets

World Literature

The Literature Network
More than 7,000 books and short stories from more than 250 authors…Just great!

18th Century Literary and Cultural Studies


An incredibly fun grammar and word site for elementary and middle school students

World Wide Words
Meaning of words and phrases…quite interesting

Make your own word puzzles…an incredibly fun site by Discoveryschool.com

Word Plays
Many fun word games on this site…try it!


Columbia University Bartleby Library
Many poems and quotations from famous authors; “You might prefer to check this site out.” 😉

The Quotations Page
Looking for famous quotes? … give this a try

Quotations Home Page

Famous Quotations Network
Quotes, quotes and more quotes