Foreign Languages

General Language Resources

Foreign Languages for Travelers
A great place to find words for about 30 different languages from Travlang

Dictionaries and Translators
Can be slow to load, but has MANY foreign language dictionaries
A great dictionary for 23 different languages

Vocabulary Training
Cool vocab site for German, Spanish, and French students!

Softissimo Translations
A super way to translate languages…try it!
Translate into six different languages…cool!

The Language Learning Resource Center at Carnegie Mellon University
Great language site

FrenchSpanish Online
Learn French, Spanish and other languages on-line
French, Spanish and Italian among other languages can be learned here

The Human Language Page
Definitely worth the visit…betcha you can find ANY language here


Learning the Arabic Language
A basic course in the Arabic Language


French for Beginners
A good starter site

The French Tutorial
Very nice tutorial…take note teachers!


German-English Dictionary (Travlangs)

German Language ( — A comprehensive site recommended by one of our fans from Germany


On-Line Greek Lesson
Basic Greek language lessons


Japanese lessons for beginners


Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
More Latin for our serious Latin fans

Latin=English Dictionary
This is for you Latin fans out there

Allen and Greenough Latin Grammar
Our Latin fans will just love this one…it’s just filled with good information

Latin Word List
More than 8,000 Latin words listed here


BBC Spanish Language
One of the best Spanish language sites you will ever see…A must see.

Notes in Spanish
This site has a nice selection of free audio podcasts for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

123 TeachMe
An excellent Spanish site with many free games, worksheets, videos and much more

Discover Spanish
This site has a number of free podcasts for beginner level Spanish student

Spanish Dictionay
This dictionary even pronounces the words for you

Spanish Lessons for Beginners
Very nice site
Very nice site for people in business who want to learn spanish

A really cool conjugating site for Spanish students