Research & Reference

General Resources and Homework Helpers

World Wide Web Virtual Library
Just plain unbelievable!

The Virtual Reference Desk
Don’t miss this one

My Virtual Reference Desk Facts Page
If you have plenty of time and want to learn a ton, try visiting this site

A really cool site that lists all kinds of neat online tutorials

Purdue University Reference Desk
Another great place to visit

Martindale’s Reference Desk
A very exciting site to find science and math information

American Fact Finder
Census statistics galore from the U.S. Census Bureau

Fact Monster
This site is really great…it is a must see site for students with homework assignments

Searchable Newspaper and Magazine Archive
Search through past articles
Search for information from magazine article archives
Another nice place to search for magazine articles

U.S Patent Office
Search for any patent since 1971…this one is a lot of fun!

Etymology List
Want to know what your first name means?…then try this site

The Washington Business Glossary
Business terms defined from A to Z

Emily Post’s Etiquette for all Occasions
Wonderful etiquette resource

Edmunds Automobile Buyer’s Guide
Go here for reviews and prices before buying a car

EHow How to do (just about) Everything
Just like the title says…definitely worth checking out

Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
All kinds of religious statistics and information

Bible History On-line
Very comprehensive…worth checking out

A Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms
Very nice site

Calculate when the Sun/Moon rise/fall


Biography Center
More than 11,000 biographies here
Tons of biographies here…great for reports

Calendars and History Events

A ton of calendars on-line…fascinating site

On This Day
Important events that happened on today’s date…very interesting

Famous Birthdays
Birthdays of famous people listed by name, date and year…quite nice

All kinds of timelines from the Fact Monster…really cool

The Earth Calendar
A calendar of holidays and celebrations around the world

Calendars Through the Ages
Well done site on the history of calendars

Colleges, Universities and Schools

Find a college…any college

Cool calculators for college financing…but this site depresses dad

American School Directory
An excellent place to find information on any school in the United States…a lot of fun
This is where I registered to take my SAT’s

Register for your ACT tests here

Converting Anything to Anything

Convert It!
Another wonderful conversion site

All kinds of fascinating conversion tables

Metric Conversion Factors
Everything metric from the Washington State Department of Transportation

Online Conversions and Constants
A very cool conversion site

Time Zone Converter
If you want to know the time anywhere in the world, go here

World Time Server
Helps you find the time anywhere…really cool


Webster’s Dictionary
An on-line dictionary

Hyper Dictionary
This one is great fun…try it!

Roget’s Thesaurus

A Web of On-Line Dictionaries
Tons of dictionaries here

On-line Dictionaries
many dictionaries here by LibrarySpot

Rhyming Dictionary
Enter a word and find a word that rhymes with it

OneLook Dictionary
Many kinds of dictionaries in one…Very nice!

Dictionary of Symbolism
Explains the symbolic meaning of commonly used words in literature

Crossword Puzzle Solver
A great way to find those tricky words
Find symbols for all kinds of words

Dictionary of Occupational Titles

The Encyclopedia Britannica on-line…Absolutely terrific!

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Columbia Encyclopedia
Another very nice encyclopedia

Fact Monster Encyclopedia
Great Place to find interesting facts

My Virtual Encyclopedia
Need to know something about everything?…nice site

Infoplease Encyclopedia and Dictionary
Cool encyclopedia…great for school papers

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

My dad loves this site

Acronym and Abbreviation Searcher
Here you will find out that CIA has more than one meaning

Finding People and Businesses

The Ultimate White Pages
Find anyone AND map out where they live.

The World Pages
Trying to find someone?

Telephone Directories on the Web
Find just about any person/business anywhere in the world

Search Systems
Over 3900 free searchable public databases…unbelievable!

Search for businesses on this on-line Yellow pages

Internet 800 Directory
Another excellent toll free directory

Google Maps
A REALLY exciting way to find directions using map and satellite views…You’ve got to try this

A very popular site for creating driving directions and maps

Rand McNally Trip Planner
One more great way to plan a trip

Government Resources and Legal Resources

United States House of Representatives
Anything you want to know about the House and its members

The United States Senate
Anything you want to know about the Senate and its members

Thomas Legislative Information on the Net
Spend hours searching for Senate and House info…fun!!

Supreme Court Decisions
If you are remotely interested in law, this is a great site to visit
Very rich with U.S. government resources…Great!

U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
A very comprehensive list by FirstGov

FirstGov Reference
Federal laws, regulations, maps, forms and more…Terrific!

Fed Stats A-Z
All kinds of Federal statistics…writing a grant? Try this!

United States Census Reference Desk
Washburn University…very powerful
A tremendous legal resource

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
A clear and concise dictionary of law terms

Legal Search
Search for terms, case studies and documents related to the law

United States (Legal) Code
Nice place to visit from Cornell University

The Electric Law Library
A fun library to learn law concepts…go to the Rotunda first

Robert’s Rules of Order (
Everything you need to know about Robert’s Rules of Order

Medical Resources

Merck Manual
Find all kinds of medical information here…GREAT!!

Merck Veterinary Manual
If you want comprehensive, you’ve got comprehensive

On-line Medical Dictionary
Search for medical terms…by Farlex

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Wonderful medical search engine recommended by a good fan

National Center for Health Statistics Fast Facts
Great research resource
Everything you want to know about medicine, and more

Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia
A good encyclopedia to look up medical terminology and conditions


USA Newspapers
A complete list of ALL United States Newspapers. A really great database for research.

The Boston Globe

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

CNN News

The Detroit Free Press

The Detroit News


Kansas City Star
Rated one of the top metropolitan newspapers in US

Los Angeles Times

Maps in the News
Find out WHERE events are happening…a fun site to visit from the University of Minnesota

The New York Times
What can we say?…It’s a great newspaper

Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News

San Francisco Chronicle/San Francisco Examiner

The Seattle Times

Time News Service Daily

Time for Kids
Fun news site for kids

Very nice site

US News Online

USA Today
Great newspaper

The Washington Post
Excellent newspaper

The Washington Times

Headline Spot
The place to go for news headlines

Top Breaking News Headlines
Another great place to go to find news headlines

World News

AJR NewsLink
This one is just plain fun…You’ve got to visit

Associated Press
Associated Press news from around the world…really, really good

Incredible…just incredible!

The world’s biggest wire service news site

The Virtual Newspaper
Just about any newspaper you can think of is listed here…Spectacular!!

Yahoo Headlines
Excellent place to start