General Resources

Open Culture
Incredible list of free online resources including audio books, online courses (MOOCs), and Educational Resources

Learn basically anything. Interactive guides and lessons are really wonderful. I’ve used it for Art History brush ups and some Spanish refreshes. It reminds me of Rosetta Stone a little bit.

World Wide Web Virtual Library
Just plain unbelievable!

The Virtual Reference Desk
Been with us since the beginning. A staple of any educational resource section.

Digital Librarian
Fantastic collection of links from almost any subject area

My Virtual Reference Desk Facts Page
If you have plenty of time and want to learn a ton, try visiting this site

Education Index (by Subject)
Another excellent homework helper site with wonderful links…Try it!

A really cool site that lists all kinds of neat online tutorials

Purdue University Reference Desk
Another great place to visit

Martindale’s Reference Desk
A very exciting site to find science and math information

American Fact Finder
Census statistics galore from the U.S. Census Bureau

Fact Monster
This site is really great…it is a must see site for students with homework assignments

Searchable Newspaper and Magazine Archive
Search through past articles
Search for information from magazine article archives
Another nice place to search for magazine articles

U.S Patent Office
Search for any patent since 1971…this one is a lot of fun!

Etymology List
Want to know what your first name means?…then try this site

The Washington Business Glossary
Business terms defined from A to Z

Emily Post’s Etiquette for all Occasions
Wonderful etiquette resource

Edmunds Automobile Buyer’s Guide
Go here for reviews and prices before buying a car

EHow How to do (just about) Everything
Just like the title says…definitely worth checking out
All kinds of religious statistics and information

Bible History On-line
Very comprehensive…worth checking out

A Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms
Very nice site

Calculate when the Sun/Moon rise/fall