Government Resources and Legal Resources

United States House of Representatives
Anything you want to know about the House and its members

The United States Senate
Anything you want to know about the Senate and its members

Thomas Legislative Information on the Net
Spend hours searching for Senate and House info…fun!!

Supreme Court Decisions
If you are remotely interested in law, this is a great site to visit
Very rich with U.S. government resources…Great!

U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
A very comprehensive list by FirstGov

FirstGov Reference
Federal laws, regulations, maps, forms and more…Terrific!

Fed Stats A-Z

All kinds of Federal statistics…writing a grant? Try this!

United States Census Reference Desk
Washburn University…very powerful
A tremendous legal resource

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
A clear and concise dictionary of law terms

Legal Search
Search for terms, case studies and documents related to the law

United States (Legal) Code
Nice place to visit from Cornell University

The Electric Law Library
A fun library to learn law concepts…go to the Rotunda first

Robert’s Rules of Order (
Everything you need to know about Robert’s Rules of Order